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    RESOULED is a brand devoted to the energetic integrity of its processes. Our clothing is 100% Recycled. Rethought. Restructured.

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    I AM.


    Resouled is tethered holistically to a conscious and sustainable solution to children's fashion. The original collection was birthed near Mount Shasta in the heart of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in sweet, sweet California the winter of 2012.


    Resouled honors the creative process by maintaining energetic integrity of the brand through recycling fabric and textiles from fashion's past.


    Every piece is uniquely made with loving intention and 100% recycled, restructured, repurposed fabric, paired with organic hemp.


    Sewn with renegade skills, reSouled is for every boy and girl to play in, dance, tumble or do yoga. The hemp waistband allows room for growth. They are available in sizes 2T to 5T.


    This collection features all one-of-a-kind pants with the ever-present, sweet song of life that plays through my heart and soul this winter; one of transitions, evolutions and quantum leaps!


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